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Don’t let disabilities stop you from living your best life! Below is the beginning of our resource base that will help you identify all that is possible to improve your quality of life.
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The 6 Best Sites for Job Seekers With Disabilities of 2020

Job websites list employment openings and other opportunities to help people find work. These websites centralize thousands of listings along with additional resources like career coaching, resume tailoring, and blog posts full of helpful tips, making them among the best and most efficient ways to search for job opportunities.
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8 Shopping Tips for Wheelchair Users

Shopping at grocery stores can be very tricky. Often times, navigating around shopping carts, harried parents with crying children, and oddly placed produce displays can take the joy out of collecting food to cook for the next couple days. Add a wheelchair to the chaos, and grocery shopping only gets trickier.
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Extracurricular Activities and Hobbies: The Positive Effect They Have for Individuals with Disabilities

Living with a disability such as Spina Bifida is no easy feat for those of us who know all too well the many challenges that come along with managing this disability or any other type of disability all the while trying to balance our personal and professional aspects in life the best way possible.
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Kitchen Hacks for At-home Chefs with Disabilities

The kitchen is a haven for foodies, but if you have a physical disability, whipping up your favorite dishes comes with challenges in standard homes. There are a surprising number of tools and techniques for making your kitchen more accessible, and some don’t cost a penny.
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21 Chair Exercises For Seniors: A Comprehensive Visual Guide

No matter what age we are, exercising is very important, especially for those of us who may be over the age of 65. Whether we enjoy it or not, exercising on a regular basis continues to keep our body moving and functioning properly as we age.
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7 Ways to Modify Your Yoga Practice to Accommodate a Disability

People with mobility limitations can modify many yoga poses so they can be done seated in a chair. Chair yoga can be practiced by anyone who needs weight support, is managing an injury or uses a walker, cane or wheelchair.
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Making Volunteer Opportunities Inclusive

When volunteer opportunities are inclusive, it is easier for people of all abilities to volunteer throughout their lifespans and you make your organization more effective because you have diverse perspectives and talents to pursue your mission.

How to Raise a Disability-Aware Child

We live in a wonderful world where no two people are the same. It’s every parent’s goal to raise their child to be loving and kind to others, including people with disabilities who may look, learn, or communicate differently than we do.
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