Quality of life services for individuals with disabilities.



Recreational Therapy is a proven rehabilitative service used to increase independence and life skills for people with disabilities.



Our team of Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialists provides the highest quality therapeutic recreation services using the latest industry techniques.



Our in-home and within the community based approach to recreational therapy allows clients to thrive within their own living environment.

Strive Recreational Therapy

Our passion is to help the disabled population live the fullest life.


A Better Future

Strive Recreational Therapy is at the forefront of working with those with disabilities; hand-in-hand with state and local agencies.


We Work For You

Our job is to ensure that all of our clients have access to the services they need. We achieve this through clear communication and solid relationships with state, local, and private agencies.


Your Independence

Our team of recreational therapists works with you and your family to help those with disabilities improve their quality of life and independence.


Giving Back

Strive Recreational Therapy has a 501c3 counterpart, Strive Inc. Our non-profit provides recreational therapy services for those who do not have insurance or financial means.


Award Winning

Our team members are recognized for going above and beyond in the field of therapeutic recreation, resulting in outstanding service awards.


Branching Out

Strive has been in operation since 2003 with recreational therapy services in Florida and Michigan with further expansion opportunities on the horizon. 


Those who have tried other techniques and therapies without success.

Those who are exhibiting signs of depression.

Those who have stated “they can’t do anything anymore.”

Those who have stated they are no longer independent.

Those with the drive or ambition to do more but are unable to identify steps to achieve more.

Those who may be able to return to “work” but may need time to identify other employment abilities.

Those who have aged in the workforce and sustain additional injuries.

Those who are having difficulties with life coping skills following their injury.

Those who have decreased self-confidence because of injury.

Those who need help with pain management.

Those who are having difficulty socialization and integrating.

Our Mission

Strive Recreational Therapy Services provides Recreational Therapy services for individuals with disabilities within their own home and community. Our services bridge the gap from what is learned in the hospital setting and help apply it to the home setting. Strive Recreational Therapy prides itself on the implementation of its adaptive sports programs, as well as its leisure and recreation opportunities offered to increase the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Not only is Strive Recreational Therapy a strong advocate for individuals with disabilities, but Strive Recreational Therapy is also a proactive consultant for independent businesses, hospitals, municipal, county, state, and national entities. Services are provided throughout Michigan and Florida with consideration of expanding nationally soon.


Recreational Therapy
Our goal is to provide a world of opportunity and an inclusive community to all we serve.


Group Outings

We plan and coordinate community group activities.


All About Love

Events that produce amazing friendships.


It's All About Fun

Our team is all about spreading joy.


Amazing Adventures

Play, swim, sports, our team is ready!


Where Do You Want To Go?

We want to engage and help you grow.

Our partners make it possible for us
to do more good for more people!

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As a case manager, working with Strive is a perfect experience. On multiple levels, they understand the value of getting our people out and involved in their communities. They are success-oriented, collaborative, dedicated to the clients’ needs, fun and competent. Our clients enjoy the activities and love the gains they make with Strive. It is easy to refer to Strive because there is always a great result with great value. I recommend Strive to any other busy professional who wants peace of mind that their client/patient is in good helpful hands.

The Strive Recreational Therapist working with my client has had a tremendous influence on the quality of life for her. She introduced strategies that transformed my client from being fearful, disorganized and overwhelmed into a stronger, more independent woman. My client now uses a Franklin planner, creates lovely paintings and sells her work, authored and published a book of poems and fully participates in her community. Thank you!

I have seen firsthand the difference that Strive has made in the home of a patient with a serious brain injury. A new meaning to living life to the fullest!

Schedule an in home consultation

to assess your recreational therapy needs.

Recreational Therapists are in demand!

Click below to learn more employment opportunities.

Schedule an in home consultation

to assess your recreational therapy needs.

Recreational Therapists are in demand!

Click below to learn more employment opportunities.

Strive Recreational Therapy provides adaptive recreational and consulting services for individuals with disabilities.  Our certified team of recreational therapists organizes outings, sporting events and more to improve the quality of life for our clients.



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