Strive Patient Rights and Responsibilities

At Strive Recreational Therapy Services, our goal is to partner with you to determine the services you desire to fully integrate yourself into your community. With this partnership, we work to increase your independence, inspire hope, and ultimately improve the quality of your life.

Patients have the right to respectful and personal recreational therapy care.

Patients and/or their Guardian can expect:
  • That Strive Recreational Therapy Services employees will welcome, respect and serve all patients regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation/identity, disability, age, religion and/or any other protected class
  • That Strive Recreational Therapy Services will meet the needs of each individual patient through recreational services and if unable, discuss other options with the patient, his/her guardian, and physician as appropriate
  • That Strive Recreational Therapy will identify, address and advocate for the individual patient needs for care and adaption to fully participate in any recreational therapy service
  • That Strive Recreational Therapy will care for the patient holistically, including physical, emotional and spiritual needs in order for them to fully participate in the services
  • That Strive Recreational Therapy will address concerns and complaints as promptly as possible

Patients have the right to receive information about the recreational therapy services and their recreational therapy team.

The patient and/or guardian can expect that the recreational therapy team to provide:
  • Clear explanation of the recreational therapy services that will be provided
  • The name of the Certified Recreational Therapist and/or any other team member involved in the care
  • Recreational therapy notes and assessments of the patient during the recreational therapy sessions when requested
  • A clear explanation of the services and scheduled fees associated with the services

Patients have the right to make their own decisions about participation in a recreational therapy event

The patient/and or guardian can expect:
  • To make the decision of the type of recreational event to choose.
  • To have the right to refuse to participate in a recreational event
  • To determine how much participation is acceptable
  • To make decisions to include or exclude other family members in the involvement of the recreational therapy service(s)

Patients have the right to be comfortable and safe

The patient and/or guardian can expect:
  • That a patient’s pain level will be assessed throughout the recreational therapy services.  If pain exists, Strive Recreational Therapy Services will work with the patient and/or guardian to address the pain.
  • To participate in an environment that is safe and secure and free from harm and abuse
  • To participate in recreational therapy services that maintain the patient’s dignity through personal space, equipment, and clothing suited for the service
  • To participate in care that is mindful of infection prevention and patient safety practices

Patients have the right to privacy

The patient and/or guardian can expect:
  • That their medical information will remain private and confidential and used only to determine the appropriate care needed
  • That their medical information or personal photos will not be released without specific written consent from the patient and/or guardian.

Patient’s Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the patient and/or guardian:
  • To be truthful about their medical care and condition in order to provide the appropriate recreational therapy service(s).
  • To allow the recreational therapy services team the ability to perform an assessment prior to and during the participation of a recreational therapy service.
  • To allow Strive Recreational Therapy to stop recreational therapy services at any point if the patient’s health and safety are at risk.
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